We specialize in used & refurbished business phones for existing phone systems

About Us

We specialize in buying and selling refurbished small business phones, phone systems, and phone accessories. With over 15 years of overall experience, we make it our goal to provide fantastic products at very low costs to our over 35,000 customers. Located in the Southwest Florida, we are equipped to ship our products all around North America and surrounding islands to the south.

The majority of equipment bought and sold is Avaya (Lucent) and consists of Partner, Merlin, Merlin Legend and Spirit. In today's market our number one seller is Avaya Partner phones and systems, and they are ideal for small businesses because of its many flexible options including voicemail and caller ID. While Avaya is the majority of our business, do not forget about the many other brands we deal in such as Nortel Meridian, Toshiba, TIE, Comdial, Southwestern Bell, Macrotel, Panasonic, Inter-tel Premier, and other brands.

There are many businesses that have older phone systems which may just need a phone or a handset, and we carry many spare items for such systems. Just because a phone system is older, does not mean it must be replaced when a few telephone sets go bad. If you are in need of such parts, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

Business Telephone Sales has been "green" before going green was a commonly used term.  Quite simply, we keep phones out of landfills by giving companies the opportunity to sell their used equipment to us versus disposing of it by throwing it away.  Business Telephone Sales buys many used telephones and system parts, but for those we do not buy we strongly urge people to look for local electronic disposal progams.  The EPA has links to help you find local ways to recycle electronics.  Here is a link to there site: 

Everyone here at Business Telephone Sales is ready and willing to help with any possible telecommunication needs. Please call us at our toll free number, 800-396-9699, or contact us. We are here to help provide small business phone systems and equipment.