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Over 20 Years Selling Refurbished Telecom

Monday, September 5, 2016

Back in the summer of 1996 Business Telephone Sales opened its doors in (at that time) a small town called Riverview, FL.  Since then we have been holding strong selling refurbished business telephones.  The industry has changed a lot in the last twenty years. Even with the internet and our domain,, business was mostly conducted between us and phone installers across the United States.  Advertising was mostly done through trade magazines, such as the Telcom Gear and The Mart. Our website kept evolving and went from an informational contact us to make a purchase site, to a full blown eCommerce site accepting all major forms of credit cards over 10 years ago. Now Business Telephone Sales sells directly to the very companies that will be using them.  Throughout this time, Business Telephone Sales has maintained its low prices and excellent quality to all of our customers.  Some of whom have been with us since the beginning, and the new ones we get daily.

Now located in Venice, FL (had to make it closer to the beach), we are still selling quality refurbished phone equipment at very low prices.  We are so happy that we have been able to server over 85,000 customers and will continue to do so.

Business Telephone Sales

I need to replace my Merlin 410 system...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The AT&T Merlin 410 phone system was manufactured in the 1980's and some are still going strong (not like the new equipment made these days that will not last 5 years let alone 30).  On top of the Merlin systems going strong, the phones are tanks and are still used in thousands of businesses across the United States.  

That being said, when your Merlin 410 KSU gets hit by lighting, the warning light comes on, and/or there was a power surge and your system is no longer functioning what is the next step?  AT&T created the Merlin Plus phone system after its Classic series (206, 410, 820).  These Merlin Plus phone systems were designed that the small business had more flexibility.  They were also made better.  Overall, the Merlin Plus system experiences far fewer issues than its predecessor.  You can replace your Merlin 410 phone system (206 or 820 for that matter) with the Merlin Plus phone system and keep the same phones.  

The Merlin Plus system has a built in feature module so you will not  need the feature packs that are traditional to the Merlin classic phone systems.  So, if you are unable to find an exact replacement, feel confident in getting the Merlin Plus system as a replacement.

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Merlin Plus Phone System

What Does Euro Mean When Referring to an Avaya Partner Phone?

Thursday, March 31, 2016

When AT&T made the original Partner system, it utilized MLS style telephones. The Partner MLS phones were used on the Partner, Partner Plus, and Partner II phone systems. Then Avaya bought out Lucent (AKA AT&T) and made a newer version of the MLS phone.  At the time, they were heavily known as the Euro Phones.  The Avaya Euro phones had a sleeker more modern appearance than the MLS phones.  However, by them using the nickname Euro, it confused many consumers into thinking these phones were to be used in Europe and not in the United States.  

This is just to clarify the Partner Euro phones will in fact work with the phone lines in the United States, and the Avaya Partner phone systems can be used whether you have a traditional phone line or are using a Cable company to provide phone service. The word Euro is still on some of the Partner phone labels, but the nickname is becoming a thing of the past. 

So rest assured, if you need an Avaya Partner 18 or an Avaya Partner 18D and you see it described as the Partner Euro 18 or Partner Euro 18D they are the same phone.  

If you have any questions about the Partner phone system, compatibility or the even newer style phones referred to as the Series II please give Business Telephone Sales a call at 800-396-9699. 

What is the Difference Between an Avaya Partner 18d and an Avaya Partner 18D Series II Phone?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Not all phones are created equally, but when dealing with the Avaya Partner 18D and Avaya Partner 18D series II phones they are no all that different.  The Partner phone line has come a long way, starting out as an AT&T Partner Plus phone system and now it has evolved to the Avaya Partner ACS phone system.  This progress has taken approximately 20 years.   Let's take a look at the two main Partner 18D phones.

Avaya Partner 18D Phone Avaya Partner 18D Series 2 Phone
Avaya Partner 18d Phone Avaya Partner 18D Series II Phone
Avaya Model 7311H14B Avaya Model 700340193
Avaya Euro 18d Phone (not meaning it needs to be used in Europe) Avaya Partner 18D-003
Two Way Speakerphone Two Way Speakerphone
Backlit Tilt LCD Display Backlit Tilt LCD Display
Has Feature, Transfer, Conference, and Hold Buttons Has Feature, Transfer, Conference, and Hold Buttons
Two Intercom Buttons Two Intercom Buttons
Capable of 16 Outgoing Phone Lines Capable of 16 Outgoing Phone Lines
Buttons Not Used For Outside Lines Can Be Speed Dial Buttons Buttons Not Used For Outside Lines Can Be Speed Dial Buttons
Compatible with Partner Plus 3.1 or Higher, Partner II, & Partner ACS Systems Compatible with Partner Plus 3.1 or Higher, Partner II, & Partner ACS Systems
Style Made After MLS-18d Phone Style Made After Partner 18D Phone

Now, by looked at the two phones, you will see they are really not that different. It is mainly the Series II Partner 18D phone was created after the Partner Euro 18D to look more modern. On the inside of the phones, the circuit boards were also manufactured differently, but their overall functions and abilities are the same.  

The Partner 18D and Partner 18D Series 2 phones can be interchanged on the same phone system.

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How Do I Change Time on Avaya Partner 18D Phone?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Every year, twice a year America is forced to change the time on all the clocks.  While this is easy to do on some appliances at home like a microwave, it is much more complicated to do on electronic items such as a business phone system.  One of the most common phone systems out there is the Avaya Partner system which often uses the Avaya Partner 18D phone with its nice LCD display.  

Avaya Partner ACS Phone System                                           
Must be done from extension 10 or 11.
  1. Press Feature and dial 00.
  2. Press the left intercom button twice.
  3. To set the time, press # and dial 103. Enter the correct time using a 24-hour format.
  4. To set the date, press # and dial 101. Enter the correct date using MMDDYY format.
  5. Press feature and dial 00 to save.
So for example, if you need to set the time for 09:00 PM you would type 0900.  If you do not get around to changing the clock in the evening at 05:00 PM you would enter in 1700 for 5PM. 

What Does "ReplaceSysBat W/Power On" Mean?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

If you have an Avaya Partner Phone System, you may see this message on any phone with a display that is connected to the system.  The message that appears on the display portion of the Partner phone will read ReplaceSysBat W/Power On when it is time to replace two AAA batteries which are located in your Avaya Partner ACS processor. This is an easy replacement and a professional is not required, just a little know how. 

 Avaya Partner ACS Processor

This is your Avaya Partner ACS Processor.

This is the bottom of the processor where the AAA batteries are held.  The black plastic piece that is located in between the + and – needs to move in an upward direction.  Once you move this piece upward the battery cover will come loose.  Put this piece in a safe place during the changing of the batteries.

    Now that the battery cover has been removed you can see the direction the new AAA     batteries need to be inserted.  Once the new batteries have been installed, place the       battery cover back on and place the black piece in between the + and – to secure it       into place.

How to Wall Mount an AT&T Merlin Phone

Monday, September 7, 2015

If you buy an AT&T Merlin phone that comes ready to sit on a desk or have one in your office that you need to hang on the wall there are a few steps required so the handset will not fall off once the phone is hanging on a wall.  

First, pick up the handset you will see a clear rectangular piece of plastic that holds in a white piece of paper where people write their phone number or extension.  Remove the plastic overlay and piece of paper.  You will then find a flat head screw, this needs to be removed.  Once the screw is out, you can take the tab out of the phone. The tab will then need to be reversed 180 degrees and reinserted.  Finally replace the flathead screw and other accessories. This will help the handset not fall off when it is hanging on the wall. 

There is also a special stand that attaches to the bottom of the phone so it does not tilt like it would if it were being used on a desk. If you are placing an order for an AT&T Merlin phone and need it to hang on the wall let us know and we will send the wall base.  

AT&T Merlin Phone Systems

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back in the 1980’s AT&T was the biggest manufacturer of business telephone equipment.  Their number one seller was the AT&T Merlin phone system.  It was a huge improvement over the much larger business phones of the time.  The Merlin phones were extremely well made, so well so they are still on the market today.  The Merlin system allowed for users to place multiple calls on hold, had music on hold, and was flexible with the number of lines and phone extensions. 

Today there are still many companies that have the Merlin phone system from the 1980’s. While over time these users may have replaced phones or handsets, no one can argue about how overall reliable this system was.  Unfortunately, we are coming to a time so distant from when this system was manufactured that the phones greatly outnumber the available systems on the market. While Merlin BIS-10 phones are still plentiful and working, the older Merlin Classic 206, 410, and 820 systems are much harder to come by.  These systems, even if found, are not as reliable as they were when originally created having problems such as bad power supplies, warning lights, and calls bleeding over. 

Merlin Classic Phone System

Merlin Plus Phone System

AT&T Merlin Plus Phone System

AKA Known As 206, 410, or 820

AKA Known As 820D or 820D2


There is a solution for the time being, the Merlin Plus system.  The AT&T Merlin Plus phone systems are compatible with the Merlin phones that are used on the Merlin Classic systems.  The Merlin Plus system is different than the Classic in some ways. The Plus has music on hold built and does not require a Feature Package.  The Merlin Plus system uses 4x0 line cards and 0x10 stations cards.  Each 4x0 line card will provide you with four incoming lines.  You can use up to 2 4x0 line cards per Merlin Plus system to allow for up to eight incoming lines.  Then you can have up to 2 0x10 station cards, each card allowing for up to 10 phones for a maximum of 20 phones per system. 

The Merlin Plus system is a great alternative to keeping your Merlin phones going versus having to upgrade your whole system.  You will be able to keep your existing phones and wiring in your building and swap the Merlin Classic system for the Merlin Plus system.  Manuals for these systems are available online for free as PDF files and you can always hire a professional to make the change for you.  

Nortel T7316e and Caller ID

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Common Question:

Does the Nortel T7316e Phone Handle Caller ID?


It is not about if the phone can handle caller ID, it is about if your Nortel system can.  The Nortel T7316e phone will only work if connected to a Nortel phone system regardless of phone service.  If your Nortel phone system is an MICS or CICS with a CI caller ID card the display will show caller ID.  If you have a Nortel BCM system, then this phone will also show caller ID.  The older Nortel systems like the 824 and 616 will run this phone but will not show caller ID even if you have caller ID through your local phone company.  

If you do not have a Nortel phone system this phone will not work at all for you.  

Nortel T7316e Phone

What is E-Waste

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

E-Waste is also known as electronic waste and can range from any electronic item from a television, computer parts, to your telephone system.  With technology always evolving and more and more people becoming dependent on electronic items (especially cell phones), the amount of electronic items ending up in landfills is astonishing. There have been many companies throughout the US which have been in existence for many years but are growing in popularity over the years which handle the proper disposal of these kinds of electronic products. They strip the products and recycle what they can for gold, copper, and other metals.  The plastics found as the casings on electronics are not recyclable, and the whole process is very tedious.  

Here at Business Telephone Sales we buy a lot of phones and equipment that people are no longer using, but we do not buy all of it.  I get asked all of the time what to do with equipment that no one wants.  As the "green movement" grows fewer people want to just throw away their old phone systems and them end up at the dump like typical food waste.  

The kicker to this situation is, people want to help the earth but at what cost.  In Sarasota County, where we are located, residents can drop off household electronics at the Sarasota County's Household Chemical Collection Centers.  However, this is only open for residents with proof of address and if you have a copier you must go to one specific location and it will cost you to dispose of it.  With this economy most people are not going to go out of their way to drop off a copier and then have to pay for it to be properly disposed of.  On top of that, I would guarantee most people in this county have no idea these specific centers even exist!  I had to look to find them.  There are plenty of people who donate such items to Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and other charitable causes and that is awesome. With donating someone may be able to reuse your product and that completely eliminates the waste altogether, and if not the responsibility of properly disposing of these electronic items falls on them.

Now, to businesses.  I have found a very helpful link from the US Government's Environmental Protection Agency's website which will show local places for business to properly dispose of their electronic waste.

Also, I have come across a woman owned business in San Diego whose motto is, "Creating a GREENER today from Yesterdays world!" Her company is trying to make recycling easier for everyone. You can find out more about Envirogreen Recycling Services and what they can do to help those in the San Diego area at  

All over the internet there are states, cities, and private companies advertising how to get rid of unwanted electronics, now we just have to promote this valuable information.  The easier it becomes for companies to be responsible in this area, the more common practice  it becomes the less full of toxic battery waste and other such harmful toxins the much better off everyone will be in the future.  

Please take time to find out how to get rid of those left over phones that we did not buy from you before just throwing them in a dumpster.  

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