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My Handset Keeps Falling Off My Merlin Phone on the Wall...

Monday, June 19, 2017

There are two ways to use your AT&T Merlin phone.  One is the traditional way where the phone is sitting on your desk using its normal desk stand.  Then there are those times you need to hang your Merlin phone on the wall.  Many Merlin customers are unsure of how to keep the handset from falling off when they hang their phone up.

It is easier than you think and just takes a few minutes and flat head screwdriver.  Follow the steps listed below, and you should be all set.


1.  Remove handset from phone.

2.  Find area code plastic and paper (the white bar located under the handset).  Remove.

3.  Use flat head screw driver to remove screw.

4.  Take tab out, remove screw from tab.

5.  Flip tab 180 Degrees and put back in phone, you should have it sticking upwards and kind of outwards.  Once it is in correctly, reinsert screw.

6.  Replace white area code paper and clear plastic. 

Now your handset will not fall of when your Merlin phone is hanging on the wall.

Where did Nortel Go?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Here at Business Telephone Sales, we sell Nortel phones.  However, we are a reseller of their older, discontinued products. We buy old ones, take them in and refurbish them to resell.  This does not make us Nortel.  Every day we get calls asking if we are Nortel or how to get in touch with Nortel.  I am sad to say Nortel went out of business years ago.  While they were Canada's biggest telecom communications company, they were just not able to survive.  An American company, Avaya, bought out most of Nortel's products.  They are manufacturing some of Nortel phones and silk screening it with an Avaya logo (for example the used to be Nortel T7316e is now Avaya T7316e).

So, if you have a Nortel phone system and need technical help, there is no clear cut way to find it by contacting the manufacturer directly.  You can attempt to call Avaya, but more than likely they will not assist.  If you need someone to come to your location, to troubleshoot, to reduce number of rings to voicemail, etc.  your best bet is to find a local instalelr to see about helping with your immediate needs.

One way to find a local installer is to go to and put in your zip code.  Then call around and explain your needs and ask what they charge.  You may want to call a few places just to get different quotes. If you need replacement parts, like Nortel phones, Nortel systems, or Nortel Voicemails we can assist with that!

Avaya T7316e Phone

Free Manuals

Monday, November 7, 2016

Need to change the time on your clock?

This website has free pdf files you can download that will instruct you how to change the time on your clock.

Free Phone Manuals

Internet and the Savvy Shopper

Friday, October 28, 2016

Buying online has been taking off and taking over for the last few years.  You can go on Facebook to see your friends, but then there are ads off to the side or promoted ads that are to get you to buy something you  have been looking at, like booking a trip and now all the sudden you are seeing hotels following you as you browse the Internet.

Now Social Media is also helping customers make better decisions on purchases along with finding the best deals.  While this is amazing on so many different levels, it also can continue to add to our disposable society and keeping up with the newest greatest thing or technology that will be replaced any second.

This is happening to businesses and business phones.  Here at Business Telephone Sales we get calls every day from customers who are switching their phone service and need a phone for their business.  The phone company is not giving them any specific information, just saying go buy a phone. Most business phone systems are designed to be very specific.  You must have a controller that the phones connect to, and there are compatibility issues. When looking to buy phone equipment, please call and ask any questions before hand as I am sure it will save you trouble down the road.

The phones we sell will work with any phone service provider whether it is a traditional phone line from AT&T to a cable line from a company like Comcast.  However, you still need the actual phone system (brains/ksu) to run the system which connects to the phone service provider's box, and then of course you will need the phones.

One of the perks to getting a phone system like this is the phones work together as a team.  Meaning you can put one person on hold and pick it up at another location.  You can page, intercom, transfer and even forward offsite depending on what system you have.  The multi-line phones you buy in stores like Staples and Best Buy do not have these features and often disappoint. 

Any questions, call us at 800-396-9699 and we will help build the perfect business phone system for your needs.

Question - I have a Spirit Phone System, do I have to use a Spirit Phone?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Question - Currently, I have a Spirit Communications System 308/616 phone system set up in my office and need new phones.  Can I plug in any ordinary phone with this system to work or do Spirit phones only work with this system?  

Answer - No, you cannot plug in just any phone and it work. The AT&T Spirit phone system was made that only Spirit phones will work.  You can use either the 6 button or 24 button phones and get them in either cream or black, but any other phone you try on the system will appear as defective or dead.

Question - How do I add a Station Card to a Merlin Plus System?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Question - I have a Merlin 820D2 with one station card.  Will I need to do any re-programming if I add a second station card or do I just power down the unit, add the card, and then power the unit back up?

Answer - Yes, That is all you have to do, then you will add on 10 more stations, no more programming necessary.

Over 20 Years Selling Refurbished Telecom

Monday, September 5, 2016

Back in the summer of 1996 Business Telephone Sales opened its doors in (at that time) a small town called Riverview, FL.  Since then we have been holding strong selling refurbished business telephones.  The industry has changed a lot in the last twenty years. Even with the internet and our domain,, business was mostly conducted between us and phone installers across the United States.  Advertising was mostly done through trade magazines, such as the Telcom Gear and The Mart. Our website kept evolving and went from an informational contact us to make a purchase site, to a full blown eCommerce site accepting all major forms of credit cards over 10 years ago. Now Business Telephone Sales sells directly to the very companies that will be using them.  Throughout this time, Business Telephone Sales has maintained its low prices and excellent quality to all of our customers.  Some of whom have been with us since the beginning, and the new ones we get daily.

Now located in Venice, FL (had to make it closer to the beach), we are still selling quality refurbished phone equipment at very low prices.  We are so happy that we have been able to server over 85,000 customers and will continue to do so.

Business Telephone Sales

I need to replace my Merlin 410 system...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The AT&T Merlin 410 phone system was manufactured in the 1980's and some are still going strong (not like the new equipment made these days that will not last 5 years let alone 30).  On top of the Merlin systems going strong, the phones are tanks and are still used in thousands of businesses across the United States.  

That being said, when your Merlin 410 KSU gets hit by lighting, the warning light comes on, and/or there was a power surge and your system is no longer functioning what is the next step?  AT&T created the Merlin Plus phone system after its Classic series (206, 410, 820).  These Merlin Plus phone systems were designed that the small business had more flexibility.  They were also made better.  Overall, the Merlin Plus system experiences far fewer issues than its predecessor.  You can replace your Merlin 410 phone system (206 or 820 for that matter) with the Merlin Plus phone system and keep the same phones.  

The Merlin Plus system has a built in feature module so you will not  need the feature packs that are traditional to the Merlin classic phone systems.  So, if you are unable to find an exact replacement, feel confident in getting the Merlin Plus system as a replacement.

Click here to View Prices and Buy a Merlin Plus Phone System

Merlin Plus Phone System

What Does Euro Mean When Referring to an Avaya Partner Phone?

Thursday, March 31, 2016

When AT&T made the original Partner system, it utilized MLS style telephones. The Partner MLS phones were used on the Partner, Partner Plus, and Partner II phone systems. Then Avaya bought out Lucent (AKA AT&T) and made a newer version of the MLS phone.  At the time, they were heavily known as the Euro Phones.  The Avaya Euro phones had a sleeker more modern appearance than the MLS phones.  However, by them using the nickname Euro, it confused many consumers into thinking these phones were to be used in Europe and not in the United States.  

This is just to clarify the Partner Euro phones will in fact work with the phone lines in the United States, and the Avaya Partner phone systems can be used whether you have a traditional phone line or are using a Cable company to provide phone service. The word Euro is still on some of the Partner phone labels, but the nickname is becoming a thing of the past. 

So rest assured, if you need an Avaya Partner 18 or an Avaya Partner 18D and you see it described as the Partner Euro 18 or Partner Euro 18D they are the same phone.  

If you have any questions about the Partner phone system, compatibility or the even newer style phones referred to as the Series II please give Business Telephone Sales a call at 800-396-9699. 

What is the Difference Between an Avaya Partner 18d and an Avaya Partner 18D Series II Phone?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Not all phones are created equally, but when dealing with the Avaya Partner 18D and Avaya Partner 18D series II phones they are no all that different.  The Partner phone line has come a long way, starting out as an AT&T Partner Plus phone system and now it has evolved to the Avaya Partner ACS phone system.  This progress has taken approximately 20 years.   Let's take a look at the two main Partner 18D phones.

Avaya Partner 18D Phone Avaya Partner 18D Series 2 Phone
Avaya Partner 18d Phone Avaya Partner 18D Series II Phone
Avaya Model 7311H14B Avaya Model 700340193
Avaya Euro 18d Phone (not meaning it needs to be used in Europe) Avaya Partner 18D-003
Two Way Speakerphone Two Way Speakerphone
Backlit Tilt LCD Display Backlit Tilt LCD Display
Has Feature, Transfer, Conference, and Hold Buttons Has Feature, Transfer, Conference, and Hold Buttons
Two Intercom Buttons Two Intercom Buttons
Capable of 16 Outgoing Phone Lines Capable of 16 Outgoing Phone Lines
Buttons Not Used For Outside Lines Can Be Speed Dial Buttons Buttons Not Used For Outside Lines Can Be Speed Dial Buttons
Compatible with Partner Plus 3.1 or Higher, Partner II, & Partner ACS Systems Compatible with Partner Plus 3.1 or Higher, Partner II, & Partner ACS Systems
Style Made After MLS-18d Phone Style Made After Partner 18D Phone

Now, by looked at the two phones, you will see they are really not that different. It is mainly the Series II Partner 18D phone was created after the Partner Euro 18D to look more modern. On the inside of the phones, the circuit boards were also manufactured differently, but their overall functions and abilities are the same.  

The Partner 18D and Partner 18D Series 2 phones can be interchanged on the same phone system.

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